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New Roundabout at Henderson & White Settlement intersection

While the rest of us are busy going about our daily routines there are others among us who are just as busy planning what we will be doing in the future. Where we will live, where we will work & shop, and how we will get there.

We are the ones who show up at the meetings and voice our concerns, sometimes well-founded and sometimes so totally out of step with everyone else in the conversation that it’s painful to watch. Lately, I have realized that I am always arriving late to the party when it comes to knowing what is on the horizon in Urban Fort Worth. I may be more knowledgeable than those who dwell in the suburbs but when I enter the presence of Fort Worth planners and civic leaders quietly listening is obviously what’s called for. Not that they can’t be wrong, and not that they don’t need public input. It’s just that their conversation has been going on for a long time. Decades.

I was at a meeting today where I learned for the first time about the proposed roundabout to be installed at the intersection of White Settlement Road and Henderson St. (near Mexican Inn & LaGrave Field). Admittedly, my first response was not favorable. I came home and researched the topic and now I am convinced. Like so many other things our civic leaders in Fort Worth have done, I believe they have gotten this right. Like everything else in Fort Worth, it’s going to be attractive and from what I have read, it is the modern solution to the busy intersection. My recollection of the Weatherford Traffic Circle gave me a reason to worry, but I soon learned that the modern roundabout is a much more functional device.

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