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Why urbanFW has the downtown buyers

Real estate has always been local but new technologies – the internet, mobile devices, and huge quantities of quality data for the consumer have made residential real estate more locally focused than ever before. For example; just 5 years ago a real estate agent could market themselves in any geographic area with direct mail, radio advertising, or online websites. Their claims to be the “area expert” were sometimes true, but often not. The buyer had no real way to verify whether an agent really knew the inventory and the seller had no way to know if an agent had a strong supply of buyers for their home. That’s no longer the case.

To explain why buyer inventory is important we rely on verified reports from the local MLS showing that our agents brought more buyers to downtown condo listings this year than agents from any other brokerage. Tim D. Young personally shows buyers around downtown condo properties every single week as shown in this report from Centralized Showing Service.

where does get all of these buyers?

We operate a very technologically advanced brokerage utilizing several top internet marketing technologies. These include highly effective lead generation platforms, WordPress powered micro-sites, blogging on both proprietary and national platforms, digital marketing, targeted Facebook advertising and re-marketing as well as pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing among others. We target people demographically and geographically from all over the nation by marketing to relocation buyers on career-oriented websites and to home-buyers on national real estate websites like, & What this means is that we have more active buyers for 76102 in our data base than any other brokerage – guaranteed.

Google us for yourself…

up-to-date accurate and interesting content drive buyers to our many websites where they register and meet a local agent to help them with their home search. Once the “buyer leads” request more information they are assigned to an agent who is an expert in the local market (knows the amenities in each condo building, what’s included in the HOA fees, etc.)

Accountability and follow-up.

Agents at Fort Worth Texas Real Estate must be Certified Urban Specialists to be on the UrbanFW team. When leads come in they are immediately placed in a state-of-the-art contact management system that allows our agents to send out new listings, answer questions, and set up showings for the potential buyer. This graphic shows a typical report of our lead activity for one agent in a month (remember, this is not total website traffic – this is just the number of people who registered, providing us with their name and contact information):

THIS is total website traffic on just the urbanFW site:

Notice how our website traffic has CONSISTENTLY grown over the past 2 years? This is due to our expanded organic reach which was brought about by our fresh relevant content. Our agents not only respond to showing requests from internet buyer prospects, we PRO-ACTIVELY work to provide buyers with actionable information so they will request showings. Take a look at this REAL-TIME dashboard from one of our websites:

BoomTown Agent Accountability Dashboard

Our back-office website tools actually alert us to key buyer activities like calculating a mortgage payment, sending a listing to a friend, or even viewing a listing from a mobile device!

Listing your condo with Fort Worth Texas Real Estate just makes sense.

The truth is, even if you don’t list with us – our brokerage is more likely than any other firm to bring the buyer to your condo in downtown Fort Worth. Why list your condo with the original developer’s agent who has competing listings in your building? And why list your condo with any brokerage that doesn’t back up their claims (see above) and stand by their promises with a 30-day guarantee?

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